Israel News for Kids: The Magazine #5 – Israeli Technology


In this issue, students will learn about Israeli inventions that changed the world.
Some of the worldwide well-known products, are Israeli inventions:

USA Flash drive
Water boiler
Drip irrigation system
and more…
Students will learn about the concept of “Start up Nation”, its origin, and about the of human diversity in the people of Israel and their ability to invent. Finally, students will read stories about inventions for Civil Welfare and Security including special military developments used in Israel’s defense and attack systems.

The magazine:
Download PDF

Youtube Video – Israel’s News for Kids –  “Mutual Support”:


Alternative version of the magazine in simple Hebrew: PDF


  • Students will learn about everyday products that were developed and invented in Israel.
  • Students will read about what is special about Israel and why there are so many Israeli inventors.
  • Students will consider what drives Israelis to think about what and how to invent.

Recommended for continued learning:
Volunteer organizations: another type of “invention” that changes the world, in a social aspect.

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