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the home of Jewish educators around the globe

UnitEd, together with its global partners, provides a network for developing and empowering Jewish educators, from administrators to teachers, all over the world. We provide the tools and resources you need to inspire and equip your students to explore and strengthen their Jewish identities, affinity with Israel, and engagement with their local communities.

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About United

Our Values

Partnership as a way of life

We always work in full cooperation with our partners, from the way we fund our activities, to the way we develop our content, to the way we help schools overcome their unique challenges.

Educator to Educator

Our professional team includes educators with real-world experience in the field of Jewish education, and a rich array of professional, philosophical, and pedagogical backgrounds. Our pedagogical advisory committee includes experts in numerous methodologies and philosophies and top Jewish educational leaders from all over the world.

Judaism for all

We believe in an open, diverse and pluralistic Judaism, starting with the concept of one, united Am Yisrael. In line with our respect for all streams of Judaism, we provide a diverse array of inclusive lesson plans, tools, resources, and materials that can be adapted to the lifestyle, culture, and worldview that fits your specific school and community.

Who We Are?

A worldwide venture to strength Jewish day schools

UnitEd is an initiative created by Israel’s Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism. We currently work with over 650 Jewish day schools across the globe. We’re proud to act as full partners for Jewish educators, working in collaboration to empower them with the strategies, innovative learning methods, tools and content they need for engaging, life-changing Jewish education.


For the Future of the Jewish People

Did you know that more than 50% of Jewish leadership (rabbinical, political, and social) were educated in Jewish day schools? We believe that Jewish day schools are the anchor of every Jewish community and that Jewish education is essential for preserving Jewish identity. It’s clear that investing in Jewish education is the way for a bright future for Jewish communities.

UnitEd's Bottom-Up Approach

We know that every school and community is unique. There is no singular education model that can transform the Jewish education of schools everywhere. The schools that we work with tell us about their needs and challenges, and we listen carefully. The support we provide for schools, from strategic roadmaps to content resources, are tailored for that institution’s specific priorities and cultural fit.

What We Offer

UnitEd provides a wide range of services to support Jewish educators in their mission to continually engage and inspire their students, including:

Our Partners

What are high-quality materials, and why do they matter? How do you support your district or school in adopting and implementing a high-quality program? We’ve assembled information and resources on our High-Quality Materials in Action website.