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Israel News for Kids: The Magazine #2 – The People’s Army


    In this issue, students learn about the history and establishment of the IDF in 1948.
    Immediately upon the outbreak of the War of Independence, it was decided to dismantle all paramilitary organizations and establish a large and united army.
    The IDF symbol  of a sword and an olive branch integrated into the Magen David is introduced.
    Students will learn that the IDF is one of the only armies in the world to which there is a mandatory draft law for every 18-year-old boy and girl. They will also be exposed to how the IDF combines all parts of the population, women, men, some non-Jewish parts of the population, and even individuals with special needs.

    The “Oketz” unit combining fighting dogs who embark on bold and important missions is also featured.

    Included is a game recognizing special operations the IDF carried out outside the Israeli borders, saving Jews around the world, as well as helping various countries in times of disaster and crisis.

    Finally, Students will learn the verse, “See my example, and do the same,” which can be found at the entrance to the officers’ school based on Gideon the Judge.  Gideon said this while leading the people into battle and today this serves as a supreme value amongst IDF army commanders.


    • Students will learn about the history of the establishment of the IDF.
    • Students will understand the uniqueness of the IDF:  human variety, and the unity that it creates.
    • Students will get to know special units and special operations.
    • Students will get to know one of the IDF commanders’ values.

    Periods, events, and key figures mentioned in the magazine:

    1. The Establishment of the IDF in 1948
    2. Use of dogs in the Swords of Iron war
    3. The operations mentioned in the game:

    The bombing of the Jewish institutions building in Buenos Aires, Argentina – summer of 1994
    Operation “lifeline” in an earthquake in Turkey – August 1999
    Fire in Cyprus – Summer of 2007
    Operation Sound Shofar, Mexico – September 2015
    Operation Iron Shield, Brazil – January 2019
    A “Brothers’ Hand” aid delegation to the United States – July 2021

    Recommended for continued learning:
    We recommend, after reading this issue to move on to the issue on the subject of volunteer organizations – As a direct continuation of the spirit of volunteering and national responsibility in military service.

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