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What Is This?

Debate is a structured classroom practice in which two sides take opposing viewpoints regarding a discussed topic or value. Student opposing debate groups try to persuade the classroom audience to support a particular argument. Each debate team must present their own arguments and refute the arguments of the opponent student team. Debating requires students to think critically and support statements with meaningful, substantive or factual information.
Debate allows students to clarify their positions while understanding and learning about different perspectives. Debates develop listening and speaking skills, and allow students to practice presentation skills.

How To Use It?

Choose a topic to which your students can relate to, perhaps one with practical application. Teachers can choose to create a setting for class debate, this might include an allocated presenting space, assigned tables for debate teams or room for audience seating. Divide class into debating teams, judges (if needed) and audience. Teams can be divided according to student opinion or by the teacher.After both teams present their arguments and refute opposing claims, have the class vote on which team they thought presented the most convincing case. Choose whether to share your own opinion as to your thoughts on the debate process.

When To Use?

Debating is an excellent teaching practice when attempting to promote higher-order and critical thinking skills. Debate is well suited with learning content focused on topics related to how we care for those around us, building community around shared values and other pressing social issues.
Debate can be used when teaching writing skills such as in-depth arguments and clear messages. It also helps students practice public speech, while promoting awareness of body language and self-confidence.

How To Assess?

There are several ways to evaluate and assess debates. A team can evaluate its own performance and arguments, teams can evaluate each other, the audience can assess teams or the general process, and /or a teacher can evaluate each team’s debate or individual student performance,
When assessing debates, it is vital to create, share and use written and clear criteria. Teachers can engage students in creating criteria for assessment for better class involvement. Criteria must be presented to students prior to setting up and performing the debate in the classroom.

Debate Flow

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