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Israel News for Kids: The Magazine #3 – Acts of kindness


    “The world stands upon three things: Torah, service, and acts of kindness.” Pirkei Avot

    This issue addresses the value Judaism places on acts of kindness.
    Students will learn about private and community volunteer organizations. Some of them are local, some national, and others global in character.

    Students will learn the saying, “All of Israel is responsible for one another,” understanding the original meaning of the word “Arev” and what it means today when one uses this phrase.

    In the story presented, students will learn about the organization “Yedidim”-Friends, an aid organization that was established in Israel by private individuals who wanted to help others as much as possible including providing free roadside service. Today the organization has thousands of volunteers!


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    Youtube Video “Volunteer Organizations”:


    Alternative version of the magazine in simple Hebrew PDF

    Students will understand the value of doing acts of kindness.
    Students will familiarize themselves with various forms of volunteer organizations.
    Students will be encouraged to think how can they also increase their level of kindness daily.

    Periods, events and key figures mentioned in the magazine:
    Meir Weiner – CEO and founder of Yedidim

    Recommended for continued learning:
    The People’s Army – the largest national volunteer organization…
    Israeli technology – some other things that are unique about the State of Israel.

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