Unique Passover Traditions


Although the seder is celebrated around the world, like so many Jewish practices, how it’s celebrated differs from community to community, and even from family to family. While some of the seder traditions seem weird, they’re part of the incredible age-old traditions passed down by the Jewish people the world over. What are the origins of these traditions? What can we learn about the Jewish people through their diverse traditions? In this resource learners have the opportunity to discover seder traditions they might not have heard about before and use them as inspirations for creating new family traditions.

Lesson Attachments​

The learners will:

  1. understand what we can learn about the Jewish people through their diverse traditions

  2. know some of the different Pesach traditions practiced around the world

  3. be able to implement new traditions into their own family seders 

Unpacked for Educators materials typically include:

  1. An educator’s guide that  contains many rich components. These are organized under the following titles: 

  • review (questions that relate to the video)

  • discussion

  • activities

  • reflection

  • further learning

  1. A video designed to spark interest in the topic.

Computer, Projector

The website link includes a “further learning” section in the educator’s guide.

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