For many centuries, Maimonides has been revered around the Jewish world as one of our most esteemed Jewish scholars. It is hard to believe that the Rambam was actually at the center of an intense controversy that divided Jewish scholars and communities. In this lesson we will explore how and why this occurred. Through research and thought provoking discussion prompts learners will have the opportunity to start formulating their own opinions as to how science, philosophy, Torah, and Jewish thought  co-exist in their lives.

The learners will:

  1. understand how, as the Rambam demonstrates, innovation and tradition are both essential elements in religious study

  2. know the fours stages of the Maimonidean controversy

be able to start formulating their own approach as to how to synthesize the realms of science and philosophy with Jewish traditional texts and beliefs.

Unpacked for Educators materials include:

  1. An educator’s guide that  contains many rich components. These are organized under the following titles: 

  • review (questions that relate to the video)

  • discussion

  • activities

  • reflection

  • further learning

  1. A video designed to spark interest in the topic.

  2. A lesson plan (link in the attachment above) that incorporates additional building blocks for the construction of an engaging and interactive lesson.

Computer, Projector, Student Handout

The website link includes a “further learning” section in the educator’s guide.

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