Light in Art: Monet: The Painter of Light


Chanukah is a celebration of light. The flames of the Chanukiya symbolize the victory of the Chashmonaim, while simultaneously commemorating the miracle of the oil that lasted for eight days. In this lesson, the Chanukah lights serve as a jumping off point for a closer look at the ways in which light contributes to the way we see the world through the portraits of Claude Monet. Students will explore the ways in which light physically impacts the colors of our world as well as the symbolic significance of light as it relates to emotions and the written word. This resource provides an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration.

  1. Understand the ways in which light impacts our physical and conceptual commemoration of Chanukah.

  2. Know  the role that light plays in the Chanukah story in particular, and the way in which light and color intersect in the work of Claude Monet. 

  3. Be able to use light and color to depict an important event in their lives and to explain how their drawing reflects this event.

When you click on the Jewish Education by Design resource link featured above, you will find the following educational building blocks for the creation of a lesson plan:

  1. Essential questions that get to the “heart” of the learning

  2. A hook/s to open the lesson in an engaging fashion and spark the learners’ curiosity

  3. In depth discussion questions that are designed to elicit conceptual thinking and personal reflections about the featured source/s

  4. Suggested activities that enable the students to both process and apply what was learned in a thought provoking and creative fashion

  5. A further study option/s to related materials on the JEBD site or to external links

A hard or electronic copy of Claude Monet, Rouen Cathedral, 1892-1894.

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